Hello!!! This is Roza calling from Geneva.

It’s been almost a year since I wrote to you! I have lots of pictures for you. I am doing very well. The biggest news is: I will soon have a job (and Uta will have 2 jobs, isn’t that great?)! There is a foundation called Pattes Tendues (holding paws). I am currently getting my training as a therapy dog with them. I had to pass a lot of tests, difficult! Uta and I will visit homes for the aged, so that I can share some fur and love with them. Talking of old people, you will see my snout got grey! Life goes by so quickly I noticed. I traveled a lot this year, to France, to Italy, in Switzerland, and to Uta’s mother in Germany. I thought I was the only foreigner in that tiny mountain village, but no! There was a dog from Turkey, a black one, and we got to hang out together. I love bus rides, car rides and train rides. I love the mountains, the snow (nothing better than snow!) and the beach. I even got a little crown on my head as you can see. I am a very happy dog, and Uta and Christian keep telling me how wonderful I am! So wonderful that they almost forgot the disaster with the prosthesis and their fancy shoes. I am done eating their shoes, just to be clear … at least I am trying. Don’t know why they need so many anyway. Now the prosthesis. They had a wonderful idea to get me one, and we went to a very fancy place and a university professor came and in short: it didn’t work out. I might use it later when I am older. Maybe! So for a dog who was waiting for adoption for … I have forgotten how many year … I am leading a pretty marvelous life in Geneva! Thank you again Maria for all you’ve done and thank you Valia for putting Uta in touch with Maria! Sometimes all works out just fine. Yours, Roza (Rozalia)

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